Friday, 29 March 2013

So long, farewell, Google Reader...

Hi everyone! As I'm sure you've heard by now, Google announced last week that they are discontinuing Google Reader. Here are some options for how you can keep updated on Paperbacks and Polish! 


I created my Facebook page a couple of days ago, so it's just getting started. I update it with every new post, and there's going to be lots of pretty nail pictures!


Bloglovin' seems to be admirably filling the place of Google Reader! It's super easy to use, and nicely consolidates all of your favourite blogs into a daily update, which is really handy. They even have a one-click import option that will transfer all of your Google Reader blogs into Bloglovin! (Thanks Heather, for letting us know about this in your post!)

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I do love Twitter! There you'll find me tweeting about general nail things, Vampire Diaries (and other tv shows, namely Game of Thrones), books, and of course new post updates!


Nails, recipes, and beautiful people! 

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As always, thank YOU for reading and being the best readers out there!


  1. I need google reader! I guess my email will just blow up after it's gone!

  2. I am kind of disappointed that Google is discontinuing the reader. Thank you so much for linking us to numerous other ways to keep up with you.

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